Xbox 360 Tutorials / Install Guides

Here you will find tutorials that are related to Xbox 360 specific items. It may include products like controller shells to adding light to your console.

  1. Original Xbox 360 ("phat") 12v led / power source

    This is a 12v power source for leds on the Xbox 360. It can also be used for fans and other things as well. It is suggested over other sources because it takes power, almost directly, from the power brick and doesn't hardly affect any other components in the Xbox.It can be found under on the bottom side of the...
  2. XCM Controller Case Installation Directions - All Versions

    XCM CONTROLLER SHELL INSTALLATION GUIDE Here are the directions for the installation of all XCM controller cases. Please read through the entirety of the article before starting. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. A couple things to watch out for: Controller Version Bridging points with solder "trapping" buttons on assembly (bumpers and sync button) Wires getting...

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