1. How to Wire LEDs - 101 - Single LED Example + Formulas

    We are going to show you several ways to wire LEDs. You can use the video below to follow through this post. This is a basic understanding of how to wire LEDs, however this article will allow you to wire LEDs in 99% of all scenarios. The very basics of wiring an LED will involve your power supply (DC/Direct Current...
  2. Add Custom LED Lights to a PC Case

    It is very simple to add led lights to a PC case. I would suggest taking a look at the video above to get an idea on what you need to do and the general process. Basically, is all it takes is a set of lights, some wire, soldering iron, an extra 4 pin molex connector, and electrical tape. We...
  3. Original Xbox 360 ("phat") 12v led / power source

    This is a 12v power source for leds on the Xbox 360. It can also be used for fans and other things as well. It is suggested over other sources because it takes power, almost directly, from the power brick and doesn't hardly affect any other components in the Xbox.It can be found under on the bottom side of the...

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