We are going to show you how to convert mA to Amps (milliamps to amps). This is a very easy thing to do once you see it done. First of all, milliamps and amps are referring to the same things, but they are on different scales. There are 1000 milliamps in a single Amp. If you have 20mA and you want to convert it to amps then simply move the decimal point 3 positions to the left or divide it by 1000. 20.0mA = .020A 20.0mA/1000 = .020A If you have .020A and you want to convert it back to mA then you will need to simply move the decimal 3 positions to the right or multiply it by 1000. .020A = 20.0mA .020A x 1000 = 20mA For quick reference: 1 Milliamp (mA) = 0.001 Amp (A) 10 Milliamp (mA) = 0.01 Amp (A) 100 Milliamp (mA) = 0.1 Amp (A) 1000 Milliamp (mA) = 1 Amp (A) This all comes in handy when you are working with electronics and LEDs. Current, measured in Amps or Milliamps (typically), is something you will most certainly come across when you are setting up the circuit for your LEDs. Current limiting resistors will make sure you keep the current levels safe for your LEDs.