Solder Rosin Core 60/40 .040

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Solder to go along with your projects and solder iron. Great for nearly any soldering project regarding leds.

Solder that is the perfect size and type for all of your soldering needs. It has great attributes that make soldering a breeze compared to some of the other solders out there. A good solder is something you will definitely appreciate and alleviate frustrations. Remember the soldering process! Heat your component with the your soldering iron or gun, add solder to the soldering location (should melt when touching the component/location, not the gun/iron), remove the solder wire and then remove your heat source (soldering gun or iron). For most all application involving LEDs and other small electrical components, a 25-30 watt pencil style soldering iron is all you need. Using more heat can damage the components (LEDs, capacitors / caps, transistors etc...) or even the pcb traces.
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