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XCM Rapid Fire Pro for Xbox 360. Rapid fire and turbo is reprogrammable and it includes a best tilt board to turn your controller into a tilt sensitive controller. You can program any buttons to be turbo to best suite your gaming needs!
For the most demanding players, or just for the ones looking for the ultimate experience, the PRO version of our Rapid Fire Gear controller enhancement also includes tilt sensor technology.

The rapid fire feature is easily programmable/reprogrammable to any button (fire buttons A,B,X,Y, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Bumper, Left Bumper) by simply pressing and holding down the rapid fire button on top of the controller case and pressing and holding the button you want to have rapid fire until the LED blinks.
Also disabling the rapid fire function is done using the same technique. This allows for an infinite rapid fire number of configurations that will please EVERYONE! This is really the ultimate rapid fire mod people have been waiting for.

XCM Rapid fire gear - pro version also comes with the XCM BestTilt kit. The comprehensive solution in turning your Xbox 360 controller into a Tilt sensitive controller.
  • Built-in Tilt sensor technology
  • Adds Rapid Fire (turbo) to any combination of buttons, triggers and bumpers.
  • Easily turn Rapid Fire (turbo) on or off any button in a matter of seconds.
  • Complete controller case replacement - includes top, bottom cases as well as buttons, bumpers and triggers.
  • The built in LEDs allow you to tell exactly which buttons, bumpers, or triggers are on Rapid Fire.
  • XCM Rapid Fire Gear is compatible with all original Xbox 360 wireless controllers!


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XCM Rapid Fire Gear Pro

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