XCM Xbox 360 Hot Rock Shell/Case with HDMI Port

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XCM Xbox 360 Hot Rock Shell/Case with HDMI Port
A new innovation by XCM in case modding technology, the Hot Rock Case is a full custom Xbox 360 case with a built in digital LED thermometer! Colors change with your console temperature, and it takes a lot of hard core playing to reach the RED!

The HOT ROCK CASE is a new innovation in case modding technology. With a built in Digital LED thermometer, the HOT ROCK CASE is able to alert the user by changing the LED color when the xbox 360 console console reaches certain temperatures. Color changes takes place in 4 degree increments. For example, if your Xbox 360 console´s temperature reaches over 48 degree Celsius, the LED will display ´RED´ and start flashing. This will alert the user to turn off the console and check for potential problems and the reason for this heating.

And besides that, it looks amazing with a revolutionnary custom look!

Compatible with 360 consoles with HDMI Port only!


  • Full Replacement Case for your Xbox 360 console!
  • High Quality White Replacement Case with HDMI
  • Includes Faceplate, DVD Bezel, and Eject Button
  • Case Opening Tool Included - No Additional Tools Needed!
  • 10 Minute Installation
  • Does NOT include HDD case or Controller Case as shown
  • Comes with case unlock kit
  • Temperature sensor
  • Clear Air tube

Note: Installing this case does void your warranty. This case is not returnable. This case will ONLY fit an Xbox 360 with the Factory HDMI Port!
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