XCM Core Cooler for Xbox 360 White Led Lights

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Another must have cooling solution for your Xbox 360
To Maximize the cooling effect on the Xbox 360,we design the 2nd fan (the XCM add on fan) to work with the XCM high speed air cooler,after adding this add on fan, the temperature of CPU and GPU of xbox 360 console can be decreased an additional of 3-5 Celsius.the XCM high speed air cooler with add on fan will be the best cooling system for the xbox 360.

Other external fan only exhausts the heat and make the loud noise, XCM high speed air cooler add on fan expels heat to the exhaust fan and the exhaust fan exhausts all the heat out of the console,it is the best efficient air cooler and quiet in working as well.

  • Quick Installation! - Sits next to the DVD drive and uses the DVD drive as a power source.
  • Get a great new look and cool the system at the same time.
  • Get the core temperature of console down by as much as 3-5 Celsius.

This fan is incompatible with the newer consoles that have an added heat sink in front of the CPU

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