MB1S Bridge Rectifier – 70v 500mA (0.5A) – Convert AC/DCC to DC

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Use the MB1S bridge rectifier if you want to convert AC or DCC to a good DC signal / power source.

The MB1S bridge rectifier is something that could definitely save you a lot of time and headaches if you have a DCC or AC system and want to run some LEDs on those system. What a bridge rectifier does is takes an oscillating signal, such as AC (alternating current) and will essentially allow it to only flow one direction by the use of diodes. In the case of this component that is all built in to it, so there is nothing to worry about. A bridge rectifier doesn't change the output voltage much from what your input voltage is in regards to the actual voltage number. For example, if you have a 12v AC system that you'd like to use some flashing LEDs on then you can hook the bridge rectifier up and the output voltage will be around 11v DC. The component itself has a small voltage drop or forward voltage, but that is it.

A couple of applications where we have seen something like this requested is in landscaping light setups or model trains that use either an AC or DCC setup. DCC is somewhat similar to AC in regards to that the voltage will have fluctuating signals so it can talk with the components in the rail system. This disruption or oscillating signal is not good enough for any kind of animated LED or LED that as an internal IC that provides some sort of function. Another function that make come up in a railroad scenario is an LED that will light up only when the train goes in one direction and not the other. Using this component will take care of this situation very quickly and easily at a small cost and a very small footprint. This is one of the smallest bridge rectifiers out there. The pins make it easy to solder on to.

In order to wire it up it is very simple. Since your AC or DCC signal doesn't necessarily have a designated positive or negative, for the sake of simplicity we will state this, then it doesn't really matter the polarity of how you hook that up to the bridge rectifier. Both wires must be hooked up though. Since DC will have a designated positive and negative, you will see the DC output side marked on the bridge rectifier package. That is the side you will hook your LEDs up to. Don't forget that you will still need to use a resistor with your LEDs or use our pre-wired LEDs when you power them off the bridge rectifier.

More Information
Packing TypeAmmo Packed
Operating Temp. (Temperature)-55C to 150C
Mount StyleSurface Mount
Add. Tech. Specs. 1Max Current: 500mA (0.5A)
Add. Tech. Specs. 2Forward Voltage: 1V
Add. Tech. Specs. 3Max Surge Current: 35A
Add. Tech. Specs. 4N/A
Add. Tech. Specs. 5N/A
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