Evolve Face Plate for Xbox 360 Console - Leopard Fur

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A talismoon face plate that will give your Xbox 360 a slight look of a leopard!!
Talismoon provides a new way to add personality to your Xbox 360 console by offering the Jungle Fury fur edition. Appealing to consumers who want a more "natural" solution, the fur faceplate provides a cool way to go "low tech" while providing warm and fuzzy reactions from all your friends. Make your Xbox remarkable ... make it unique ... make it with Talismoon.

The Talismoon Wild Jungle edition fur faceplate is available in cow and leopard fur.
  • Xbox 360 faceplate. Snaps on and off just like your OEM faceplate.
  • 2 fur stickers*
  • Instructions
(*use of fur stickers is optional, cover your DVD and eject button, or leave them off if you prefer your OEM chrome finish)

Synthetic fur, please note no animals were hurt in the production of the Evolve Wild Jungle edition faceplates.

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