4.8mm / 5mm Straw Hat with Frosted Diffused Lens LED - Warm / Soft White LED - Ultra Bright


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The 5mm straw hat frosted diffused lens warm / soft white led is one of the most popular sizes out there for a large percentage of projects and products. The diffused wide angle provides better light dispersion.

4.8mm / 5mm Straw Hat with Frosted Diffused Lens LED - Warm / Soft White LED - Ultra Bright

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The warm / soft white color 4.8mm / 5mm straw hat LED is a vibrant color that you can't go wrong with. The diffused frosty / milky style lens on these LEDs will help with diffusion, yet hide the color of the LED when it is turned off. This size led is commonly used in many custom projects, car lighting, models, and nearly every other project you can think of. They are also used for custom projects or in mass production products as well. This is a extremely popular size.

What sets this particular frosted LED apart from the other types of diffused LEDs is that the lens is simply frosted and not the color of the LED. In some circumstances it is more desirable to not see the color of the LED when the LED is turned off. This frosted or milky style lens will get the job done in this type of application. The frosted or milky style of diffusion usually provides a small edge over some of the colored diffused lenses in light diffusion/dispersion.

The straw hat version of the diffused frosted / milky lens line of LEDs has one additional trait that sets it apart. Since it is a straw hat style LED it has an approximate 120 degree viewing angle chip inside the LED that will assist in light dispersion.

The other unique aspect about this particular diffused frosted / milky lens straw hat LED is the shape of the top of the LED and the wide angle chip inside the LED. You'll get a similar round style top and the wider viewing angle, providing yet another option to fit that perfect project or product.

This size and type of led is so popular because it is bright, easy to use, small, and versatile. It can fit in most all spaces.

We use and have only the highest quality leds out there.

Additional Information

Size 4.8mm / 5mm Straw Hat Frosted / Milky Diffused LED
Color Warm / Soft White
Luminosity/Brightness 9,000-11,000 mcd
Forward Voltage 3.0-3.4v
Current 20mA
Wavelength N/A Warm Soft White
Viewing Angle Diffused
Mount Style Through Hole (DIP)
Lens Color Frosted / Milky / White - Not Colored
LED Brightness Class Super/Ultra/Extreme

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