10mm 12v Pre-wired Flickering / Candle Amber / Orange LED - Ultra Bright

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The 12v 10mm flickering amber / orange pre-wired LED makes it almost the easiest way to add light nearly any project. They will begin flickering as soon as power is hooked up.

Our pre-wired Flickering LEDs are nothing but quality. The 12v 10mm amber / orange led puts out a nice color that is sure the illuminate your product or project. Our 10mm pre-wired leds have built in resistors so that they will work with the voltage that they are rated for. There is no need for you to add any additional resistors. The only thing you need to do is add power / ground and they will illuminate. It doesn't get much easier than that.

The 10mm pre-wired leds come with a built in resistor, all connections are heat shrinked in order to protect them and there is sufficient wire lead on all of them.

This is the Flickering series of our 12v pre-wired leds. They will flicker, simulating a candle, as soon as power is hooked up to them, there is no need for any additional hardware (besides power) to make them flicker.

More Information
Size12v 10mm Flickering LED
Animation TypeFlickering / Candle
Operating Voltage12-15v (Not recommended 15v Continuous)
Wire LengthApproximately 15cm (6 inches)
Resistor Built InYes
Additional Resistors RequiredNo
Luminosity/Brightness10,000-12,000 mcd
Forward Voltage12-15v (Not recommended 15v Continuous)
Shrink Wrapped ConnectionsYes
Viewing Angle20-30 Degrees
Mount StyleCustom
Lens ColorClear
LED Brightness ClassSuper/Ultra/Extreme
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