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About Lighthouse LEDs

The emergence and direction of Lighthouse LEDs

Formerly know as Niktronix, Lighthouse LEDs Lighthouse LEDs has emerged into a led lighting retailer and wholesale supplier for people, business, and other companies all around the world. We started selling lights in 2004 and provided an array of modifications for gaming consoles. As the business grew, we expanded and have emerged into what you see now. Our product line continues to grow every single day. Not only are we expanding into more products, we are also working on making our website easier to use and more friendly. We also strive to make our customer service department better as well so that we may address any issues that arise, the few that do.

We aren't just selling LEDs (light emitting diodes), we are trying to educate and make it possible for anyone to be able to utilitze the lights in hobbies/projects all the way into products that you may want to sell. We are attempting to make it very simple for you to incorporate the light of the future into whatever it may be that you would like to illuminate. For many people this could be something as simple an LED attached to a 3v battery or a much more complex product/use. We do everything that we can in order to provide the most accurate information and help out with people's projects as well.

5 Reasons To Buy Here

  • High Standards
  • All Inclusive LED Source
  • Fair Shipping Fees
  • Truly Impressive Support
  • Located in and Ship from the United States
High Standards

We do the best in the LED Lighting industry and our products speak for themselves! Lighthouse LEDs was created by people who use leds in their everyday life.

Lighthouse LEDs is a full blown, all-inclusive, high-end LED supplier bundled with more than products, we do our best to provide top notch service and support.

All Inclusive LED Source

In today's market, there are few companies that will stand behind their product and word as we do.Lighthouse LEDs is the only that will take care of what you need and as quickly as possible:

  • Quality Products
    Lighthouse LEDs provides you quality products, we don't just buy the cheapest products in order to make more money. We have always believe quality stands out in the long run.
  • Great Service
    Lighthouse LEDs will provide you with top quality service and customer support. We do our very best to not only provide honest answers that will help you, but in a timely manner as well!
  • Expedited Service.
    Lighthouse LEDs will strive to ship you your products as fast as we possibly can. We work around the clock to continually improve every aspect of our company.
  • We are Unique (in a good way).
    You have to stand out in the crowd. Lighthouse LEDs is always finding new products and not just products that you will find anywhere else. We try and locate unique products that may only be able to be easily and conveniently purchase from us.
Fair Shipping Fees

Lighthouse LEDs provides some of the fairest shipping around, let us explain why:

  • Domestic and International Shipping on most all items
  • You receive a true combined shipping that is very close to actual shipping cost
  • We don't include any extra costs in products to make up for shipping like most companies do.
  • Items are shipped from the United States (where our business is located), which means you will receive them very quickly.
  • Right now we exclusively USPS as they are by far the fastest and most efficient way to ship the type of items we sell (we know this by experience).
Truly Impressive Support

At Lighthouse LEDs we are always around the computer to answer questions, at times we are on instant chat, and we can be reached on the phone as well.

Located in and Ship from the United States

Lighthouse LEDs ships directly from Washington State. We have shipping optinos available at checkout that allow you to get your items from overnight to less than a week from the time the order is completed.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

It's easy to find the answer you are looking for or to get in touch with us! You can:

We look forward to working with you!

The Lighthouse LED team

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