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  1. Resistor Value Color Code Chart

    Resistors have three values that are of importance when doing basic mods. 1. Power Rating (Watts) You need to look at the power rating of resistors. This is usually seen by the size of the resistor itself. Typically, for the type of resistors we offer, the bigger the size the more power it can handle (more leds). 2. Resistance (ohms...
  2. XCM Controller Case Installation Directions - All Versions

    XCM CONTROLLER SHELL INSTALLATION GUIDE Here are the directions for the installation of all XCM controller cases. Please read through the entirety of the article before starting. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. A couple things to watch out for: Controller Version Bridging points with solder "trapping" buttons on assembly (bumpers and sync button) Wires getting...
  3. Lighthouse LEDs' First Post

    We are currently building the site that we hope will be a great upgrade from our current site, We hope that everyone enjoys it and if you see anything that you would like changed or added, please feel free to let us know: [email protected] We are not currently accepting order at: yet, but we are still taking orders...

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