security torx t8

  1. Original Xbox 360 (Phat) ROL Board Install / Removal

    What you need and what needs to have been done:   Open Xbox 360 Security Torx T8 Remove the plastics cover off of the ROL Board or (RF Board)   Then remove the three screws with the T8 screw driver.   Finally pull the board out. It is plugged in at the lower left of the board.   Lastly, plug...
  2. How to Open the Xbox 360 Controller

    What you will need for this tutorial: Security Torx T8 Driver Simply remove the screws as shown on the following spots. Don't forget the 'hidden' screw underneath the bar code behind the battery cartridge (it is shown in the picture). This one gets most people the first time. Once this is done place or hold the controller with the top facing...

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