August 2012

  1. Xbox 360 Controller ROL/Dome Mod with Automatic On/Off Switch

    This tutorial is meant to work if you use it just as it says. There are a lot of calculations involving the resistor values for the transistor. You must use four 3mm leds or a total of 80mA in leds if you would like it to work as we have intended it to in this tutorial. If you stray from...
  2. Custom Xbox 360 Controller

    Here we will walk you through the installation of any of the custom Xbox 360 controller parts. I would recommend that you take a look through the video to get a good idea on how to install the appropriate parts and also pick up on a couple tips that may make it easier and quicker as well. Here is the...
  3. Add Custom LED Lights to a PC Case

    It is very simple to add led lights to a PC case. I would suggest taking a look at the video above to get an idea on what you need to do and the general process. Basically, is all it takes is a set of lights, some wire, soldering iron, an extra 4 pin molex connector, and electrical tape. We...

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