1. Add Custom LED Lights to a PC Case

    It is very simple to add led lights to a PC case. I would suggest taking a look at the video above to get an idea on what you need to do and the general process. Basically, is all it takes is a set of lights, some wire, soldering iron, an extra 4 pin molex connector, and electrical tape. We...
  2. Xbox 360 Wired and Wireless Controller AXBY SMD LED Light Mod

    The first thing you need to do is take apart your controller so you have just the board. Please check the link below to do this if you do not already know how:How to Open The Xbox 360 ControllerOnce this is done you will need the following items:4 x 0603 SMDsWireSolderSoldering IronHot Glue GunResistors (make sure you have the correct...
  3. Nintendo Wii Player Indicator LED Mod

    Opening the WiiMote (Controller)This is a very simple task. You need to look at the controller from the backside and then observe the screws. Use a Tri-Wing Screwdriver to remove all of the visible screws. There are no hidden ones that you should be worried about. Once the screws are removed simply remove the bottom part of the shell with...

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