It is very simple to add led lights to a PC case. I would suggest taking a look at the video above to get an idea on what you need to do and the general process. Basically, is all it takes is a set of lights, some wire, soldering iron, an extra 4 pin molex connector, and electrical tape. We will make a list later on all of these products. First of all, get an idea on how much led lighting you need. I would recommend using the 3528 12v led strips with adhesive backing. We recommend this because it is setup to work with a PC case and power supplies that come with them. Another reason is that they are very easy to work with and you don't have to worry about resistors, they are build into the strips. You can cut them every 2 inches, so they can be pretty much any length you want. Lastly, you can pull the strip on the back and it will adhere to nearly any surface. Once you decide how much of the led strip you need and you have it on hand, cut them to the appropriate lengths as shown in the video. Then you can stick them to the case. Proceeding that you can then layout where you want your wires to go, then solder the wires up as shown in the video as well. Once you have them all connected to wire, then solder to the yellow wire (12v) on your molex connector and then solder the ground on the strips to the ground on the molex connector. That is it, plug it in and it will light up. Quick Required Items Overview Find amount of 3528 12v LED Strips that you need You need Electrical Tape if you don't have any You can use nearly any wire you can find Soldering Iron is Required Solder is also needed Cut strips to correct length Adhere down Connect all cut strips with wire Connect ground and 12v wire to molex connector Secure any loose wires and then test and enjoy!!