xbox 360 led mod

  1. Xbox 360 Controller ROL/Dome Mod with Automatic On/Off Switch

    This tutorial is meant to work if you use it just as it says. There are a lot of calculations involving the resistor values for the transistor. You must use four 3mm leds or a total of 80mA in leds if you would like it to work as we have intended it to in this tutorial. If you stray from...
  2. Xbox 360 Ring of Light Controller Mod / LED Swap

    What you will need:   20-30 Watt Soldering Iron (we, at niktronix use 30 Watt) Rosin Core 60/40 .40 Solder Soldering Stand (highly recommended) Tweezers (can't do it without these) Four 0603 SMDs in your choice of color Xbox 360 Controller Look at our Polarity Guide if you don't know the which side is + and - for your 0603 SMD...

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