June 2012

  1. Polarity Guide of 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 and most all smd leds

    This guide will tell you how to tell the polarity (positive/anode and negative/cathode) of leds. Most often if you can not see any of these markings, a small notch or dot will indicate the negative side of an led. This also goes for markings on a board too.
  2. Original Xbox 360 (Phat) Ring of Light LED Change - Modification

    What you will need:   20-30 Watt Soldering Iron (we, at Lighthouse LEDs, use 30 Watt) Rosin Core 60/40 .40 Solder Soldering Stand (highly recommended) Tweezers (can't do it without these) Five 0603 SMDs in your choice of color (9 if installing error lights) Xbox 360 ROL Board30 AWG Wire (optional, only if installing error lights) A pair of pliers and...
  3. Original Xbox 360 ("phat") 12v led / power source

    This is a 12v power source for leds on the Xbox 360. It can also be used for fans and other things as well. It is suggested over other sources because it takes power, almost directly, from the power brick and doesn't hardly affect any other components in the Xbox.It can be found under on the bottom side of the...
  4. Resistor Value Color Code Chart

    Resistors have three values that are of importance when doing basic mods. 1. Power Rating (Watts) You need to look at the power rating of resistors. This is usually seen by the size of the resistor itself. Typically, for the type of resistors we offer, the bigger the size the more power it can handle (more leds). 2. Resistance (ohms...

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