RGB LED Controller - Works with our RGB LED Strips

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RGB LED controller for our RGB LED strips.

With this RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED controller you can control our RGB LED strips. You can make them change to virtually any color. You can make them fade on and off, flash or blink, make custom setups, and even dim them for the right mood as well. The possibilities are almost endless. We have installed many locally in cabinets, hutches, and other accent lighting locations. The amount of compliments that we receive from them is astounding!! You can change the colors and animation of the LEDs to fit the mood for different holidays, party themes, etc... This is known as the 44 key RGB Controller. Please take a close look at the photo for some other functions/options on the remote. It is all s simple plug and play setup (No soldering)


Note: This is not a power supply, simply an RGB controller with wireless remote. You should have: 12v Power Supply --> RGB Controller --> RGB LED Strip. That is the sequence/layout of how a proper setup will look.

More Information
ColorRed/Green/Blue (RGB)
Current3A Each Channel (3 channels)
Drive ModeConstant Voltage (12v DC)
Input Voltage12v DC
Output VoltageVaried
Waterproof / ResistanceNo
SizeFits in your palm/hand
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