3 Watt High Power Star LED - Warm / Soft White

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Super bright high power 3W (watt) warm / soft white star led! Use them for cabinet lighting, room lighting, flashlights and anything else you can imagine.

The 3 watt warm / soft white "star" LED is a very bright light with a vibrant color. The star leds have a wide viewing angle, so they are great for illuminating areas. There are many uses for the 3 watt LED. This particular led comes on a small heat sink to help dissipate the the heat generated from light.

More Information
Size3W Star LED
ColorWarm / Soft White
Luminosity/Brightness170-180 lm (Lumens)
Forward Voltage3.2-3.6v
WavelengthN/A Warm Soft White
Viewing Angle140 Degrees
Mount StyleSurface Mount
Lens ColorClear/Diffused
LED Brightness ClassSuper/Ultra/Extreme
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