10mm 12v Pre-Wired Ultra Bright LED - RGB Fast Auto Change 6v 7v 8v 9v 10v 11v


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10mm 12v Pre-Wired Ultra Bright LED - RGB Fast Auto Change

10mm 12v Pre-Wired Ultra Bright LED - RGB Fast Auto Change 6v 7v 8v 9v 10v 11v

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Red, Green, and Blue 12v pre-wired led that changes automatically once power is applied to it. The change speed on this particular led is an RGB fast auto change.

This is a pre-wired led that has the resistor already included in an an all inclusive assembly. It is all shrink wrapped to protect the connections. Included within it is 6" of lead that is also apart of the assembly too. This is a ready to go led, the only thing you have to do it add your 12v source to it and it will safely light up. We have designed the light for longevity and quality.

Additional Information

Size 10mm Round Top
Color Red/Green/Blue (RGB)
Animation Type RGB Fast Gradual Change
Operating Voltage 6-15v (15v not recommended continuous)
Wire Length Approximately 15cm (6 inches)
Resistor Built In Yes
Additional Resistors Required No
Luminosity/Brightness 5,000-8,000 mcd
Forward Voltage 6-15v (15v not recommended continuous)
Shrink Wrapped Connections Yes
Current 20mA
Wavelength N/A RGB
Viewing Angle 20-30 Degrees
Mount Style Custom
Lens Color Clear
LED Brightness Class Super/Ultra/Extreme

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