10 Watt High Power LED - Warm / Soft White

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Super bright high power 10W (watt) warm / soft white led! The uses for these are truly unlimited.

If you want an led that can put out an absolutely tremendous amount of light you have found the correct product. The 10W (watt) warm / soft white will meet or exceed your expectations for such a small LED. This LED will need to be mounted on a heat sink (not provided with LED) in order for it to work properly. If a heat sink it not used the led will consume itself from the heat that is produced. You can use an old PC heat sink or something that is made specifically for this exact led.

More Information
Size10 Watt Power LED
ColorWarm / Soft White
Luminosity/Brightness550-650 lm (Lumens)
Forward Voltage10.0-11.0v
Current700-1000mA (.7-1A)
WavelengthN/A Warm Soft White
Viewing Angle140 Degrees
Mount StyleSurface / Custom Mount
Lens ColorClear / Other
LED Brightness ClassSuper/Ultra/Extreme
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