Refund Policy

Lighthouse LEDs' Policy

Lighthouse LEDs' Refund Policy

Reasonable Return Policy

Most of the products that are sold are electronic and typically return policies regarding these types of goods are very strict. We like to work with each individual issue and treat it as a unique situation in order to find the best resolution for everyone. If products have not been used, we can issue a refund upon reciept of the product and inspection that guidelines were met. Unused products that are returned must be in the condition they were when sent. This means that the actual product packing must be in the the same condition, along with all contents included as well. It is very difficult to define a return policy regarding electronics, but do know that we are here to help everyone and make a pleasant experience as well. You are in good hands and we will take care of our customers.

We are here to help, just ask.

If you are having difficulties with your product please contact us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!