20mA LED Driver - Never Worry About Resistors Again

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This is an extremely useful device and can take all the headaches of figuring out how to wire your LEDs. Also great for automotive uses!

This is an extremely useful device and can take all the headaches of figuring out how to wire your LEDs. If you are a "new-comer" to the LED world, it may be wise to start off with something like this. It will simply remove all the headaches from your installs. Simply insert this into your circuit and your 20mA LED will light up as it should.

Another great application is to use it with automotive use because there is a fluctuating voltage in an automobile and this will ensure that your LED is operating properly at all times!

This simple device limits the current through itself to 20mA. When a voltage is applied (anywhere from 2 to 45V) it will actively adjust it's own resistance to allow just 20mA (+/- 3mA) to pass through. This makes it a perfect replacement for current-limiting resistors in LED circuits, and you won't have to calculate resistor values or worry about a varying voltage source.

The current limiter can be placed anywhere in the loop with LED's, but needs to be placed with the proper orientation, or it and your LED's could be damaged. The board has 0.032" solder holes which can accommodate wire down to 22AWG (tightly twisted) or standard 0.1" header pins. Note that at least ~2V across the current limiter is required for proper operation - below that and the current output will start to decrease. Multiple current limiters can also be placed in parallel to add current (40mA, 60mA, etc...).

Units are provided on a scored circuit board that can be broken apart using pliers and/or strong fingers.


  • Size: 0.334 x 0.100 x 0.077"
  • Hole Size: 0.032"
  • Max Wire Size: 24AWG (easier fit), 22AWG (must be twisted tightly)
  • Current: 20mA (+/-3mA) Voltage: 2-45V (across the current limiter itself)
  • Heat Shrink Type: 3/32" clear
  • Heat Shrink Length: 0.5" per unit

Here is a use example: Suppose you have a vehicle that you want to put 3 LEDs in and you want to use one of these drivers to power all three LEDs. The color LEDs are 2 blue (3v each) and one Red(2v). Let's say that the vehicle's electrical system or power source that you choose to use for the driver and LEDs has a minimum voltage of 12v. With this driver you just need to make sure you have enough voltage for everything and that's it. Let's add up our voltages and see if it is less than the minimum voltage that our source will output (12v). There are two blue leds at 3v each for a total of 6v. There is one red LED at 2v and the driver itself needs 2 volts. 2v(Red LED)+3v(Blue LED)+3V(Blue LED)+2v(Driver) = 10v. Since that is less than the supply voltage we are good to go and everything will work great.

The LEDs must be wired in series because when you wire LEDs in series the voltages adds up as we have shown, but the current requirement will be kept the same for the circuit to run at maximum capacity (20mA). If you are unfamiliar with how to wire in series, please take a look at one of product images that depicts how to wire LEDs in series with the driver.

More Information
Current20mA (+/- 3) Constant Current
Output VoltageVaried (constant current)
Input Voltage2-45V Across Limiter
Drive ModeConstant Current
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