NE555 Timer – Timer for Specific Project Designs

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NE555 Timer – Broad application oscillator and timer for nearly anything.
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The NE555 timer is one of those electronic components that if you don't have one then you absolutely need to have one in your arsenal. We would suggest that it is essential. The possibilities with these are almost endless and the support for different circuits is extremely vast. If you aren't familiar with a 555 timer then here is just a glimpse into what you can do with one in a very broad manner. You have the ability to time things from microseconds to hours, adjustable duty cycles, astable or monostable operation. Did we mention this is all done with great accuracy? If you have any kind of project that needs a custom timing setup then this can most likely do it and in a relatively cheap and effective way, granted you do have to design a circuit with the NE555 at the heart of it. It has an adjustable duty cycle, TTL compatible output, and you can sink or source up to 200mA.

There are so many possibilities with the NE55 timer that we honestly don't know where to start and think that if you are not familiar with them to look up a few different application and circuits designed for them online. You may be overwhelmed with the amount of options and pre-built circuits out there, but once you focus in on what you want there is almost guaranteed to be something similar out there to what you're looking for.

More Information
DimensionsApprox: 9.81 mm × 6.35 mm (BODY)
Packing TypeAmmo Packed
Operating Temp. (Temperature)-65C to 150C
Mount StyleDIP – Through Hole
Add. Tech. Specs. 1Current Output: 200mA
Add. Tech. Specs. 2Internal Timers: 1
Add. Tech. Specs. 3Input Voltage: 4.5v-16v
Add. Tech. Specs. 4N/A
Add. Tech. Specs. 5N/A
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