Custom Xbox 360 SLIM Ring of Light (ROL or RF Module) Pre-Modded - Pink

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Custom Xbox 360 SLIM Ring of Light (ROL or RF Module) Pre-Modded - Pink
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We have finally been able to get our hands on ring of lights boards for the Xbox 360 Slim. These will fit any slim model.

Spice up your console with this completely custom piece. remove your old Ring of Light Board (rf module) and plug this one in and you are ready to go (Plug and Play). Installation is quick and easy. This will give you that look to set you apart from everyone else!!

These boards include the error lights as well. We also use the optimal size/quality leds as replacements, nothing less. We were the top provider for the ROL mod on the original 360 and we will continue to provide pre-modded ring of light boards for years to come. We were of the first to not only mod the slim, but to show you how as well! You can be assured of quality craftsman ship, service, and product.

Here is a video that shows you how to disassemble your Xbox 360 slim. Simply take it apart until you remove the board and then put it back together with the new one.

Note: This voids any warranty on your xbox 360, all mods are done at your own risk.
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