XCM - XFPS V3 Sniper Plus - Xbox 360

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Use a keyboard and mouse with your favorite First Person Shooters for the ultimate experience!!
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Even more compatiblity, more accuracy and the feature to be able to map the analog sticks by themselves. Here is the PLUS version of the popular XFPS 360 V3 Sniper!

Use a keyboard and mouse on your Xbox 360 with the XFPS 360 V3 Sniper Plus Adapter. Compatible with almost all keyboards and mice, it is precise and efficient and will clearly give you the edge on many games, starting with FPS.

  • Compatible with all xbox 360 games
  • Compatible with all versions of xbox 360 consoles
  • Compatible with new version of xbox 360 wired controller
  • Can map all the 360 controller keys (include both analog sticks) to any key of the keyboard.
  • Compatible with 95 % of different kind of mouse and keyboard.
  • High sensitivity ,precision and smoothness
  • Built in Turbo (Auto Fire) functionality. Independent Auto fire buttons: Eight customizable auto-fire buttons
  • Can adjust the mouse sensitivity from 2 extra wheels with 16 levels of adjustment for X and Y sensitivity to adapt perfectly to every mouse.
  • Connect PS2T compatible controllers to your Xbox360
  • Compatible with PS2T joypads, light guns, racing wheels, dancing mats & more

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