XCM Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Shell/Case Chrome Version 2 with New D-Pad - Blue Led Lights

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One amazing shell for your Wireless controller!!
The most advanced Xbox 360 wireless controller shell by XCM. Featuring various buttons colors on a perfect chrome body, and 2 new LED analog stick as well as XCM improved D-Pad.

It comes with Rapid/Auto Fire NOW!!

All versions includes the Blue light kits (optional installation) that requires simple soldering to be installed.

The XCM D-Pad has been redesigned and optimized. The new XCM wireless controller shell uses a much larger D-pad with more room to allow the d-pad to move more when using it. This will make sure you do not accidentally hit another direction on the d-pad while trying to access something else. For example when switching weapons on most first person shooters.

  • Comes with tools to remove the case screws
  • Moderate/Advanced modding skills required
For full functionality you must do the complete install with auto fire. Please take a careful look over the installation directions.

Full Install - Enables Auto Fire and Thumbstick Lights
XCM Controller Case V2 Full Install Directions

Light Only Install (thumbstick lights need Full Install)

Note: Due to the more complex install with rapid fire we can not accept returns unless the item has not been opened and is still in the condition we sent it in, (brand new with all original packing in tact). It is your responsibility to carefully look over the install directions prior to attempting to see if you are able to. We recommend doing so before purchasing.
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