LED Board - Custom - 11 Possible LEDs On One Board

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A custom board that you can put 3mm, 5mm, or 0603 smds onto. You can join or cut them to any length.
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This is a custom led board that can hold up to 11 leds. A led board, bare, which can be used with any LED color 3mm, 5mm, or 0603 SMD. You can join two together or cut them down to size. Ideal for hard core console tuners. Can be used with any console or application where you have power.

These are blank PCB strips used for mounting 3mm, 5mm, or 0603 SMD LEDs. It is a parallel circuit with spaces for 11 LEDs. You can also skip every other LED if you want and just have 6 per board. They also line up perfectly with the holes underneath the front of the Xbox for some nice underglow.

These LED Strips have pads in the corners to join multiple boards in a row. Just bridge these pads and your LEDs will remain perfectly aligned, and the ground trace will be connected. The PCBs have holes for connecting + and - on either side, so if you need to cut the board in half to fit a certain area, both halves can still be used.

Measures 4.44" x 0.2"
LEDs and Resistor not included.

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