1. How to Wire LEDs - 101 - Wiring LEDs in Parallel

    This is the second part in a a multi-part series on how to wiring LEDs.   Wiring LEDs in parallel can be very similar to wiring single LEDs. Really, it is simply "tying" all of your single LEDs together and using a common + and - to power them. There are a couple ways to wire LEDs in parallel. One...
  2. How to Wire LEDs - 101 - Single LED Example + Formulas

    We are going to show you several ways to wire LEDs. You can use the video below to follow through this post. This is a basic understanding of how to wire LEDs, however this article will allow you to wire LEDs in 99% of all scenarios. The very basics of wiring an LED will involve your power supply (DC/Direct Current...

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