Access Pro Tool Kit V3

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Take apart pretty much any gadget or console with this tool set!!
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The third version of the access tool kit is even more useful than previous versions. There are new tools and the access also now supports Apple products like the iPhone and iPod, and also can be used to repair most cell phones.

Opens the following items and more:

Xbox 360
PS3 Slim
Playstation and PS2
Wii - Dsi/Lite/Ds
Game Cube
Nintendo Cartridges
Sony Ericsson


Ergonomic precision screwdriver handle with locking mechanism
14 locking power bits
Double ended pick tool
New version of the OneSnap Xbox 360 tool
2 ipod tools
Iphone sim removal tool
Suction cup for removing Apple touchscreens

Bits included:
Torx 4
Torx 5
Torx 6 with hole (tamper resistant)
Torx 8 with hole (tamper resistant)
Torx 10 with hole (tamper resistant)
Torx 15 with hole (tamper resistant)
Torx 20 with hole (tamper resistant)
Hex size 0.05 (tamper resistant)
Phillips size 000
Phillips size 00
Phillips size 0
Phillips size 1
Nintendo Nut Setter #6
Nintendo Nut Setter #8
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