5mm Round Top Red Fading / Breathing LED - Super Bright


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Quick Overview

The 5mm fading / breathing round top red led will begin to fade as soon as you apply power to the led.

5mm Round Top Red Fading / Breathing LED - Super Bright

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Now in one of the most popular sizes, we have brought a fading / breathing led. The 5mm fading / breathing round top red led will automatically start fading on and off once it is appropriately hooked up to power. There is nothing extra needed when hooking this led up to power. A power source, led, and resistor is all you need.

The lights will slowly come on and then slowly dim until they turn off. They will pause for a quick moment and then start the cyle over again, slowly turning on. This will continue as long as there is power applied to the LED. A real life example would be similar to the standby light on a mac computer. Another example of a product that has a similar effect is the "Fairy Berries" or "Firefly Balls" Each of which is a hollow diffused ball that has light inside that slowly turns on and off. It simulates a firefly or "Fairy".

We use and have only the highest quality leds out there.

Additional Information

Size N/A
Color Red
Animation Type Fading / Breathing
Luminosity/Brightness 8,000-10,000 mcd
Forward Voltage 1.9-2.1v
Current 20mA
Wavelength 620-630nm
Viewing Angle 20-30 Degrees
Mount Style Through Hole (DIP)
Lens Color Clear
LED Brightness Class Super/Ultra/Extreme

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