Ceramic Disc Capacitor - 50v 33pF


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A ceramic disc capacitor with a maximum voltage of 50v and a capacitance of 33pF.

Ceramic Disc Capacitor - 50v 33pF

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Even some of the most basic circuits out there use ceramic disc capacitors. This particular capacitor is a ceramic disc style with a 50v max and capacitance of 33pF. If you are unfamiliar with ceramic disc capacitors then there are a couple very key factors to be aware of when selecting them. The first is the maximum voltage that the capacitor can handle. In this particular ceramic disc capacitor the max voltage is 50v, so you do not want to supply more than that with this capacitor. You can supply a lesser voltage and you'll be ok, just be sure you don't exceed the maximum voltage. The other value that is of great importance when choosing a capacitor is the actual capacitance. This is expressed in farads. The value of this specific capacitor is 33pF or 33 pico farads.

Something important to note with ceramic disc capacitors is that they do not have polarity. You can hook them up either way and the ceramic disc capacitor will work as intended

Please note values/markings shown on the component in the picture may be different than the actual product markings due to the many different values for this particular component.

Additional Information

Size 33pF 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitor
Dimensions N/A
Packing Type Ammo Packed
Operating Temp. (Temperature) +105C
Mount Style Through Hole (DIP)
Material No
Tolerance 10%
Color N/A
Add. Tech. Specs. 1 Capacitance: 33pF
Add. Tech. Specs. 2 Max Voltage: 50v
Add. Tech. Specs. 3 N/A
Add. Tech. Specs. 4 N/A
Add. Tech. Specs. 5 N/A

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